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If you've never flown a really high performance RC Rocket Glider, IT IS A KICK! The glider will reach over 100 mph on a D12 (assuming you have built it reasonably light) and will glide for about 3 minutes. An E6 is a real knee-knocking experience with the glider reaching altitudes of approximately 1000 feet in 10 seconds and gliding in dead air for about 7 minutes. This is the most fun you can have with a model rocket motor!!!

This is the venerable KnightStar 4 on Kevin McKiou's very first E6 flight. Photo was taken by Ben Roberto at the "Chicago S8E Mafia's" practice field in Naperville, Illinois, USA.

If you would like to download a MPEG movie (514 KB) of Herb Semmelmeyer's badger at the 11th WSMC in Ljubljana, Slovenia click here - 321start.mpg (courtesy of George Riebesehl)

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