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Model Rocketry Publications
ST PDF Num Name Type Source
DM-1 Model Rocket Designers Manual TN
P741 1974 Custom Parts Catalog TN
  702 11/25 1970 Centuri Catalog TN
  711 1971 Centuri Catalog TN
  - Estes Rocketronics Catalog TN
  701 1970 Estes Catalog TN
  681 1968 Estes Catalog LINK
  691 1969 Estes Catalog LINK
  701 1970 Estes Catalog LINK
  - 1974 Estes Custom Parts Catalog LINK
  762 1976 Estes Catalog LINK
  771 1977 Estes Catalog LINK
  - The Alpha Book of Model Rocketry LINK
  - Why Model Rocketry? LINK
  - Estes Model Rocketry Manual LINK
  69 1969 Centuri Catalog LINK
  - Centuri Model Rocket Design Manual TN
  - Centuri Model Rocket Design Manual - 2,545,316 bytes PDF
IP-4 Feb. 28, 1999 Apollo Little Joe II Historical Brochure TN
  IP-270 Apollo Saturn Picture History TN
  IP-438 Centuri Model Rocket Mini Manual TN
TIR-24 Model Rocket Lifting Bodies TN
TIR-30 Stability of a Model Rocket in Flight TN
TIR-33 Calculating the Center of Pressure TN
TIR-52 Reliable Cluster Ignition TN
TIR-123 Multi-Staging Principles TN
  TR-2 Estes Technical Report Multi-Staging TN
TR-3 Altitude Tracking TN
TR-6 Estes Technical Report Cluster Techniques TN